Homme my god !

In case you dint know, I love men's shoes! I was searching for a good ol' leather booties then I stumbled upon Farfetch.com. I love the brands they carry. I have my good ol' Costume National boots from 2009 and I can just remember how difficult it was ordering it via a relative abroad , waiting for months before it landed on my own doorstep. Kids these days are lucky. I've observed how shopping has become easy peasy every year not to mention the fuss-free shipping . I was a late bloomer in this online shopping thing and having money in your Paypal can be a curse sometimes hoho ...

It was my first time to encounter the designs of Crizia Araia and I was stoked! Carol Christian Poell's creations are in their store as well.

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Injecting interesting elements to a classic shoe (color, print,foam, colored sole) will definitely give a look a better mileage! Just look at my top picks above! I think the ombre hi tops by ANN DEM was smart!

Cinza Araia and Yasuhiro are more into the cerebral domain! Yasuhiro's hybrid shoes is nothing but ordinary!

Of course! this is the crazy-dom of sneakers... I've heard from friends how this pair can elongate the legs. no kidding!It's just unfair that R.O. rarely gives discounts on shoes... and if there's a discount, it's still mission impossible. for me , ok? haha

no this isn't rick owens , okay? there's a slight resemblance but seeing Cinzar's design, I can say that he loves the idea of enveloping or wrapping the shoes to the wearer. The distressed version is amazing!

I''ve finally accepted my height liability with the help of platforms. Men shouldn't be wary about platforms. It must be a staple. True to form, There is elation in elevation!! Kokon to Zai, a new brand i've heard, added a rather interesting element to the classic creepers with the gold chunky chain on the sides! God! It must be very lovely to hear the ching ching of the chains as the platforms click clack against the pavement.

Textures upgrade the regimented property of men's shoes. You cannot rely alone on quality craftmanship blah blah. Some people like me wants x factor shoes which immediately evoke expression and personality. Cinzar Araia's fusion of leather and fabric was really smart! But Carol Christian Poell's shocking artisanal boots are definitely my top pick. Such an expensive dirty monster! While Premiata did a version of the porcupine studded boots only their version is more subdued and raw. I love the blunt distressed spikes.

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