In Aisce S/S 2013 / "Columna Cerului "

There is a profound and cerebral exaltation in sculpting In Aisce's S/S collection entitled Columna Cerului. After satisfying myself with the images of the latest lookbook (thanks to Stefen Ramirez of In Aisce) , I hurriedly typed COLUMNA CERULUI on Google. It's an alien concept to me let alone the word which is Latin . I found out that it has something to do with Shamanism and it represents the world. It is the center of that which is and as such, it holds an importance in many ancient cultures. It is The central soul . Like an unadulterated pure soul, the pieces in the collection run fluid and intact as symbolized by the mono-coded colors and hues. The virgin lightness that is represented by the floating bodies and rested eyes, as if in a deep trance.

There is a series of deconstruction harnessed in each piece but deconstruction is too harsh since each piece resonates congruency and fluidity like a second skin. The patterns are also interesting! How I wish I would own a piece from In Aisce. I'd probably study how the pattern was made. Just Amazing. I could learn a lot from the designer, Jona. I also love how he named the pieces Aegis , Highlander , Bulukiya Sandals, Windwalkers, Atman. I bet Jona is a lover of history.










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