D'yu Wanna be T.O.P. ?

Admit it! We have insecurities and personal issues ...yes we are still aware of our own beauty or concept of what beauty is ( at least ). We look in the mirror and somehow we wish we're born with that perfect face or features akin to celebrities or kpop stars?

There's us and there's Andy Ho. Who , with a help of an eyeliner and hair gum, becomes an instant effortless T.O.P. (of Bigbang). No matter how I've tried pretending to be T.O.P. most of the time while in the shower with BIGBANG's songs full blast , I always fail ! I'm a Bom Park x Lana del Rey at heart... soft and fragile.

Sorry for being a fangirl but T.O.P. is the mannnnn!!



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