Yvonne Laufer / Void

Like a supernova, Yvonne Laufer shares a bursting clamor of different scientific languages and story in her graduation collection. Stretching her conceptual rigor from the austere boxy silhouettes to amalgamations of monochromatic texture , she describes her conceptual process a scientific exercise. She's a true visionary who pushes modernism to a higher level with her strong understanding with theories . Her laser cut technique gives birth to the modern lace.


“During this project I wanted to be part of this universe and adopted the role of a scientist. I created my own rules, methods and frameworks that resemble those of regular scientists.” – says young Danish fashion designer Yvonne Laufer about her graduate project , VOID



From my fascination of plants in combination with man made objects, I conducted experiments where both components interact: Plants are growing in and outside a confined space. While experimenting, I came across the concept of VOID which gives the plant the ability to grow.



I like fashion because it is a way to express things three dimensionally on a human body.

It is not like an art piece you aren’t allowed to touch; it is something you live with. Something, which makes you feel like you want to be.



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