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I am not okay. My prime lens died. broken. and so is my blog. Been fixing its domain fckery for 2 days. Why is this happening to someone like me who's so kind and pure and innocent? My brain must be bleeding from the inside from all the technical terms (DNS, Lock-in registration, Godaddy ) I've been configuring like a mad secret agent. I've been talking to the google support team for 2days and I reckon they're getting annoyed because I can't freaking understand this type of situation. Blogging is a serious business for the smart. I wish I was. Been deciding to transfer it to .net or downgrade to blogspot.com again but it doesn't feel right. It was an honest mistake of neglecting their mails for weeks. Irresponsible me! I don't even know if this entry will appear on the www. I can' let this 3 year old baby die.




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