Univarsity jacket

I used to hate sports . I was obese and slow and I get tired easily. I lost weight and I still hate Sports. But sportswear? i like

No. This isn't a lookbook.nu varsity jacket. The brand is lazybone . There was a time last month that I ended up rummaging the mall for hours just to buy a reasonably priced varsity jacket. It was a failure. Then I found these online. It has white yummy leather sleeves. These days, designers from the high street (ASOS, ACNE , ) to high fashion (Derek Lam, Rag & Bone, Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang) have been experimenting with varsity jackets and thinking up the best ways to subvert and reinvent what is a very classic design.








There is something peter pan-ish in this jacket. I looked young when I wore it. American-naughty kind of young. The kids you see in the typical american movies who'd throw geeky students in trash cans. The bully of the jacket is in the sleeves -They're big and rubbery leather in texture. Everyone has it but it truly depends on how you style it.


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