RAD Hourani x JOYCE

Rad Hourani released a 10 piece collection exclusive for Hongkong-based store - Joyce , to celebrate 5 successful years in the industry. The limited collection's pieces come in 3 colors including transformable vests, jackets and silver printed shirts that reflect the essence of Rad Hourani's signature designs... I was appalled to see the silver shirt. Our clothing line , Paradigm Shift, created something like the one Rad did and I felt good inside. It's as if a clairvoyance happened between us.


"I'm not a designer , I'm not an artist, I'm not a photographer, I'm not a film-maker . I'm everything together. I don't categorize myself..." - Rad H.


"Once you try to revive something, it's already dead. What I see in fashion today is not new. I see 80's, 50's , 20's , 90's. Everything is recycled. Fashion can be extremely boring. It's like this trend machine making money and I think it's going nowhere. At the end of the day, you must be detached from all of this."


"I always sketch straight and symmetrical forms. It's almost like a 90 degree thing. You will never see any stitching lines or buttons on my drawings. Everything is hidden."


"I used to shop in the women's section because I liked the fabrics but I didn't like the shapes. Then I went to the men's dept and there I found the shapes I liked but not the fabrics. I think i was looking for something that wasn't there. I realized afterwards that this something I was looking for was actually me."



"I don't stop myself at someone's nationaliity, gender or sexuality. I think it's important to have an open mind, observe everything and take that's relevant."


quotes lifted from his Blend Magazine Interview

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