Preview Ball invite


Everyone's best stressed for the best dressed ball this Saturday. I've been quite tired and lazy to attend events , letting the young ones play while I sleep at 9pm with my night cream on. My friends who work in the PR would always ask why? ... But this Preview Ball is so special because JP Singson's mom- Tess Singson , landed a spot on this year's Best dressed list (AT LAST! Someone from the dark side haha) .. I've met her mom in 2008 and since then I've been a fan. She always attend with JP during events (when i was still active then) and everytime we see her clothes , we gasp. It was always black and white or black and ... blacker but it her choices were always fantastic! Bold Italic
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JP told me that her mom reads my blog. I have high respect for her. What would life be if your mom opts for a Rad Hourani shoes and Comme des Garcons drop crotch pants instead of the ones we see in the ladies dept store?

Thanks to my good friend Merlito for giving me an invite. He works in the graphic design department in Preview. The theme is Athletic and I'll be wearing a piece from a Project Runway 3 finalist. Exciting!

See you there!!!

i love the invite. this will glow in the dark


Mrs Tess Singson wearing MCQ , Margiela and Rad Hourani


  1. Hi Karl!

    Do u have a post about the B.U. event? I've been scanning through your blog and I can't find it :/


  2. awwww...thanks for the kind words honey