I, Roboot

Liam Fahy's inspiration in shaping these high-octane footwear was Bjorks Music video 'All is full of love' by Chris Cunningham and the rise of Apple I-pods and I robots. True enough, the I-ASHI 's appearance may be in its pure austerity, rigid and automated like a sleeping robot . You might be be underwhelmed that it's just a pair of shiny hard plastic but you'll find yourself beguiled. The exo-skeletal structure is comprised of 1o pieces of gloss plastic which allows the feet to nest in snugly with the shoes. The interior is made of neoprene. Yes. It stretches as the foot slides in. The sole is made from resin.

The seams are placed accordingly to allow liberation in movement in key ergonomic areas of the foot maximizing comfort & flexibility. The design won the 2006 Linea Pelle Footwear Award in Milan.
I have high respects for shoe designers, really! You're on top of them Liam Fahy!!! =p