what's in my bag / bloke loves black

This is what's inside my bag today. Ok fine, not really. I have to remove my yellow kiddie brush and my brown fave Muji notepad since everything should be in black. Like the things you see in Elle magazine. Items of the same color were carefully place together side by side with the little yada yada description and price below . Yes! I managed to put them together like a graphic designer . Manage is the operative word. I am so bad at managing things. I am always the follower , the one who nods and do lil' suggestions in a big group. why am i talking about my issues here.? so yah, here's my stuff! i wish it's like this in real life. OH! The calories I burned in setting this up. But I like it! Ok maybe I should remove the black leather notebook. It's too heavy! Good day!

leather tote by oxygen / square shades fnh / MAC brow powder / acrylic ring cuff from Taiwan /Gold Dot leather cuff /shiseido concealer

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