I'm not a foodie. I can go to the mall and eat at a cheap maki and canned Coke in crowded foodcourt an still be satisfied with the meal. Your stomach will churn it anyway and convert it into poop after 4 hours. haha Whenever friends ask me where to eat, I can't seem to think of anything in particular . I hardly recommend something nice. So last Monday, a friend of mine prepared dinner and it was amazing. I was like wow! Chicken ala orange peel and bacon with veggie stick. I always have hard time pronouncing weird dishes on the menus. I'd normally point the photo that has a "best seller" icon beside it. So yeah. I'm getting hungry again as I see these photos on my screen. I can taste the wine from here.

But I can pronounce the Comme des Garcons pants perfectly. It was a delayed gift. It's the perfect black skinny pants. I'll wear them on my favorite day!

chicken ala orange peel.. lol i forgot the name

This one is a korean sounding dish ... bacon park? lol now this is yum-azing!

green crunchy something..

c2 lang yan chos

yippe.. kohm de garszown


  1. I seriously love looking at photos of food more than fashion. I'm such a fatty at heart.

  2. haha actually when i was taking the photos , i was like , should i really upload and do a blog post for this? if Duckie does it, then i will too... lol