During the day, most people were eying my shirt. Maybe recognizing the image and feeling ill about me for celebrating the shirt like it's a regular one. I've worn this shirt numerous times and more often than not, I got into situations where it became awkward. I wore this during an unplanned grown-up dinner with my Aunt and her friends who turned out to be die-hard Christian pastors. They were quite amused with the shirt. I guess?

Then there's this time that I was trying them on and a surprise visit by my aunt ( who is a nun ) happened. She asked me if I now belong to a band. She's the most adorable. She used to send us color pencils and Jesus coloring books from Italy and Madrid.

Now I'm 25. All i know is that my religion is to do good. and be happy

And to be happy , I wear the clothes that I find beautiful. Just like this Nixon Marquez coat. He is one of the most celebrated local young designers today. and to add a happy color to my pitch black ensemble, I added my new Miadore neon acrylic neck cuff. Jesus on my shirt would love the light above his head. He has a halo right? or was that Mama Mary?

Tin Iglesias took the photo yesterday. It was raining real hard. Tin will be contributing to a Japanese street style magazine and this photo , hopefully, would land a spot with other Filipino bloggers.



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