Masaya Kushino / feet for a queen

The world wide web is such a blessing. It takes you to different places. And my favorite Tokyo-based blogger - Misha Janette of Tokyo Fashion Diaries , who just attended the QUEEN exhibit of Masaya Kushino blogged about her experience . I tweeted the blogpost by Misha this morning and Masaya Kushino (well, i do hope it's him) thanked me on twitter. Yes. Twitter- ....Another virtual blessing slash a genius creation! It's like rubbing elbows virtually to the people you admire.

I've stumbled upon Masaya Kushino's shoes while google-ing Lady Gaga. True to form , it was Lady Gaga who reaffirmed the spirit of rebellion and avant g! I once tweeted how Lady Gaga helped contributed in making the shoe industry alive once again.

Masaya Kushino created 5- shoes for this exhibit in collaboration with hi-end couture furniture brand - Daniel . The shoes he made were condensed from his inspiration - Royal Queens. I truly admire how he chose the artisanal path in creating his designs. We all know how shoes can boost once personality , how it can be a powerful conversation starter and God knows how far these shoes can go. They're not even just shoes for Chris'ake!

I can already feel how powerful these shoes are on-screen, what more if i see them with my own eyes. someday!