Iron man!

Apart from my life and job, this gauntlet excites me very very much! Ever since I saw these gauntlet on Marina Benipayo during Chris Diaz' Holiday 2011 collection, I told myself that it will be mine. Uncertain of when and how. Last month after buying Lady Gaga's Born this way Ball ticket, the first thing on my mind was to wear the armor gauntlet. I email-ed Chris and he responded. God knows how hard it is to construct an outfit for the Mother Monster's concert so plan A was to accessorize. I don't do hats or shades... but shoes save me always during these moments when you really need to dress up , surprise and entertain .(entertain= omg. sorry! not what you think it is) .. But people are no longer that surprised with my shoes. I think they have seen much. Thank God this gauntlet came down from the heavens like a knight in shining armor. After 2 weeks of confirming with Chris that the gauntlet is mine, the teaser for the BORN THIS WAY BALL surfaced. The theme was: dungeons , medieval , castles, and knights.... I was crying inside when I confirmed it from Gelo and Jujiin. I don't know If i should be thankful that my outfit is parallel to the theme but I feel good inside and I think it's exciting. I have this imagination that on the day of the concert , I'd fool the production team that I'm part of the back up dancers with my medieval costume..


ironman!! fight





Chris Diaz Holiday 2011

Gold Dot Couture for me

and no won't be wearing heel less! These will be my weapon of choice! what are the odds, no? I had them made last year not knowing the sole purpose of these was for Gaga's concert. I just love armors and hardwares! Universe is working , I can feel it. lol




  1. O_O I'm in love with your gauntlets!!!

  2. i will fricking wear those gauntlets to sleep. gandah! envy!