all are just shadows

The sun was hiding all throughout the day. For a moment, i thought that the universe conspired with me since I was in my dark sinister look. I was wearing a lot of shadows. The layers were all made up of light fabrics which didn't make me uncomfortable at all. I was greatly amused on how I wore the Paraglider Vest. It can be a long dramatic outerwear or a bundled undulating coat. The fun lies behind the multiple armholes. It was our good friend- Curves Lopez' idea whom we have collaborated a few months ago. It seems that I've reached the point where the skinny legs formula is almost tiring, so I've thought of morphing my legs. Blame Rick Owens for this. I like the result. It provided an odd silhouette like that of a centaur. I think I'll be doing more of those.. Try it! If I have time, I would make a DIY tutorial but it's really easy though and a diy post wouldn't be necessary.
I am grateful that I am one of those people who appreciates beauty among the oddest of the odds.


legs+ second layer..


and adding volume to the bottom part gives a longer illusion too..



shirt - proudrace / paraglider vest - paradigmshift / cerebrus shoes - gold dot / diy pants