tip toe

My first ever Jeffrey Campbell shoes! Thanks to the Solestruck team and most especially to Mr Ty McBride, the Brand Manager for sending me this lovely gift. Ty is such a sweet bear. We were chatting over facebook re: Gold Dot and some business stuff until i was put on the spotlight. He told me that he's been reading my blog ever since it started and he was keeping track of it. What made my heart melt was when he said that he believes in my vision. Then suddenly he was like, "hey do you want a pair of shoes?"

and a lovely pair he gave me. I know this is a Simone Rocha version. The moment I saw the shoes online , I stopped dead on my tracks. I usually fall in love over shoes that has a peculiar character. Simone is a genius and he made everyone curious of how the shoes work. I am a platform boy and these pair is ultra tricky to wear. It's steep but I've always believed how a shoe experience can change one's life. I can't wait to wear it!

There is a small dose of humor. The lucite wedges reminded me of the acrylic stands for shoes that we see in the department stores. Very brilliant. Though Jeffrey Campbell produced a version, The Simone Rochas will remain the truest and original.



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