make up!!!!

If i will make a list of the things I regret doing , the 5th or 6th on my list would be neglecting my Sailormoon dolls. The story of Buzzy and Woody is true. I can only imagine how sad my dolls would have been when I lost them. I used to have a massive collection. I always play with them after school and before doing my Math Homework. After playing, I keep them inside their original box. I was never the OC kid but with them I was. You should've seen my face when I saw this doll inside my mom's office drawer last week. No idea how it went there.. I guess the story of Buzz and Woody is really true.

Reunited ..

let's play..






That's all...

hahahahahahahahahaahah.... i wana see more of Lana's sultry dance moves. she's so cute