Lady Gaga: Ball this way!

Mall opens at 10 am. I was there at 9:32am. It was easy since I pass by SM north edsa before work. I'm a GAGA fan. I was a Madonna and Spice girls fan during my gradeschool years. It made it easy for my parents to figure out what must be figured out lol. But Among all the pop stars and artists , she has the most tremendous effect on me. She has awakened or unleashed something in me and that something i am still uncertain of. She was at the right timing. She came during the time that I somehow discovered fashion, clothes, shoes and myself. However , she went on this semi-hiatus and honestly the fan in me lessened. But when i learned that she'll be visiting Manila this year, my interest high rocketed again. One of the biggest regret I consider was missing her concert in 2009...Now, im not gon let that happen. i can't wait to see her and inhale her voice. The voice that will come exactly from her diaphragms and vocal chords. Im sure she'll inhale my voice too since I'll be screaming and cheering for her on that upper box area. I must wear something catchy. She must see me.

i WAS nervous ... Instead of born this way ball, i told BALL this way...








gone for gaga. haha