im a beach!

I cannot wait to be in the beach. Ill be in Boracay with my mom around the 1st week of May! I usually don't get giddy over that idea but I've been in the city for as long as i can remember. Like the insides of my nose are full of pollution sh*t every single day. sorry! haha . I wanna see the waves, the glistening sea, the Hot girls (LOL , i'm pinocchio!) and the real colors of aqua, seagreen, marine. But I wish not to see a single crab in the beach.

Ok this will be the last that Ill wear my favorite Kenzo shirt. Actually, my friend had a hilarious experience when he bought this shirt. He stumbled in pronouncing the word : turquoise to the sales attendant that he ended up saying Mint instead. I would have done the same as well. English words can be your worst haha.

Well today i was feeling inspired by the water element. Not because it's what my daily horrorscope declared but lately my mind is cluttered like a Forever21 store. I have a lot of things in mind. Last night , I almost washed my face with a shampoo thinking it was a facial wash. I need a clear mind before something fatal happens.

Paradigm Shift blue cover up / Kenzo Homme shirt / Iconique leggings / Gold Dot Dax wedge / miadore neckpiece