Yuima Nakazato F/W 2012 , Hologram

I often wonder how the Jap designers feel whenever they learn from a certain foreign designer that their collection was inspired by the Japanese's this and that culture . I reckon they always beam with pride. All the more they strive to keep up I assume. One great example is Yuima Nakazato. Remember his debut collection? The gold foil dress and the crazy platform shoes which converted Gareth Pugh's followers in a jiffy.

Everyone was into prints but Yuima presented a solid collection featuring Hologram film. Green , pink and blue reflect and shine altogether per movement. The hologram fabric seemed like a big panel of screen sewn over the fabric as it gather and emit light. I am so sure that watching the show live is a squillion times dramatic. Yes dramatic. And so are the silhouette of each piece. Our dream of becoming a hero or villain can come true. I love wearable costumes. So, how much.. ? =p







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  1. LOVE the future, bright and shiny. Karl YOU rock my world.