Whenever i sketch something, I tend to be on the disorganized side. Erasers are overused. I wish I have a strategy that I can always count on. I always get in trouble during our drafting class because erasures aren't allowed. I always always start imperfectly and hone it along the way which is , in truth, time-consuming.

Yes! I'm under Katranzou's spell again. Such a shame that my appreciation for graphic prints was only realized at this time.

Also, Francesco , a good friend of mine from Italy, sent me a tote bag from his collection. I was surprised that he is designing bags now. I've met a lot of friends in Chictopia in 2008 and he's one of them . I can say that it's one of the most happy experiences I've had in blogging.

He is the brainchild of INVERTED COMMAS. According to him : INVERTED COMMAS was founded in the fall of 2011, it is currently located in Florence, Italy. The main purpose was to create a place to share my personal art and make it reach more and more people. I work in very different areas, so I felt the need to find a vehicle to express myself. Again. I chose "INVERTED COMMAS" because I'm the kind of person who says "in inverted commas" like a hundred times per day, obviously gesticulating too.

I am a tote bag person. I do not own a lot of fancy handbags or those lemon-colored satchels you see everywhere. I am a nomad. I dump my MAC blot powder , coins and lollipops in one place. So imagine my joy when this lovely tote bag landed on my doorstep. It is a fantastic artwork and I encourage you to check his work!


PANTS - Iconique by Abeth Que
boots - Dr.Martens
metal neckpiece - Kyla Zuniga