Double Mint

"C'mon everyone's trying out the pastel minty colors .. It's fresh , sporty , calming and it makes you feel young.. pimple young.virgin young... But i should wear black. so people will take me seriously. My eyebrows look stronger with my black shirts too... But most of my black shirts are still in the laundry.. Aqua day it is!!! "

My conversation with myself one morning...

Actually I was immensely excited when I received these pieces. I could not decide where to pair these blue things. The shirt pops against my red jackets. It blends well with my grey pants.. That's what I hate and love about colors. It compounds stress and dilemma in dressing up. Change is change though so there. Something or someone's telling me to blend the shirt with my miu miu pants. It's my moms and she cannot figure out how to freakin wear carrot pants. She told me the other day how it makes her legs look sickly like it was bitten by an african mosquito. She loves her legs so much so I snatched the pants..


button down - Kenzo Homme
metal neckpiece - IAAH by Kyla Zuniga
carrot pants - Miu Miu Vintage
shoes - Armor Wedge by Gold Dot



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  1. karl na karl na karl pa rin kahit sunny bright lang nung color. ganda lang! love yew <3