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So I was invited by Miriam College to judge the Special Awards for their 2012 Prom . The highlight of that night weren't those cute teenager boys in bow ties but rather my personal encounter with the 2 lovely ladies whom I've worked with even for just a short span of time - Miss Patricia Fernandez, former beauty queen and Patty Betita, supermodel. When I entered the venue, I was introduced to her. Prior to this, I was clueless who would be the 2 others judges for that night . She was preoccupied with her small list of names when I approached her. I sounded helpless , asking her what to do for the judging. I was stupefied at how graceful she moved and talked. Instinctively , I looked at my clothes and felt insecure. Suddenly , I noticed the funny wrinkles of my Don Protasio half blazer and how unruly my pants were.

It was hard judging the kids. When they paraded the venue by section, without a blink, I took notes of the girls i like, describing their gown, etc. I spotted a Sassa Jimenez and a Rajo Laurel gown too. It was a fun night. The parents were so sweet and accommodating. I din't enjoy the food because I was too engrossed with the judging. Thanks to the senior girls who helped us all throughout. To Choco Arucan, thanks for recommending me to be one of the judges. Young girls these days really know how to carry themselves. It was so different as compared to my 2003 JS Prom.

Miss Patty


she was so sweet. When we were called to stand up on stage, my mouth dried up literally but she was encouraging me to take parts in hosting.

Miss Pat Fernandez ...







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