when i had sprain, you gave me shoes , 衛生兵 美的









If there's someone out there who has a penchant for anything medical , i think that would be me. Not congratulating myself too much but having experienced nursing as a profession for 3 years , it has shaped me 70% of what i am today. It is something I can be proud of.
Meanwhile, Shoe designer Gwendolyn Huskens' celebration of this theme made me more proud. Entitled Medic Esthetic, the collection consisted of 6 odd footwears in palettes of creme and nude ,interpreting physical deformities in a different level and perspective through shoes . Bandage, plasters, gauze, correctional leg braces, steel, band aids altogether weaved the body of each shoe. The designer did a great job of not making the shoes appear as if it was a product of some school project. Actually, when i was still working in the hospital , during graveyard shift I would sketch these bizarre shoes and clothes inspired by X ray films, syringes, IV cannulas and breast pumps. Thanks to Gwendolyn Huskens for materializing that dream of mine.