PROUDRACE SS12, Gang of のギャング

look 17

look 16

"it's a gang of nomadic skaters and their trophy girlfriends". but
it's more complicated than that.

this season proudrace was inspired by a few things: a curiosity with
the uniform dressing of various religious groups, memories of house of
style ,the supermodels and their love for teenage youth. all of these
are presented subtly in silhouettes of throwback skater classics but
still staying true to the Proudrace aesthetic.

the label created their own cult for their spring summer 2012
collection. a cult to represent everything that they believed in and
loved from their youth. it is a collection of restrained recklessness
and go-to uniforms of anyone who wants to be part of their gang

look 15

look 13

look 12

look 11

look 10

look 9

look 8

look 18

look 7

look 6

look 4

look 5

look 3

look 21

look 20

look 2

look 19

look 1a


film by: judd figuerres
model: marita,matthieu
mua:boombee bartolome
lookbook photos by:everywhere we shoot

"You can be the leader"... Rik Rasos , designer of ProudRace , told me when I asked if i can make it to the gang , pertaining to the title of his lookbook.


This has got to be their best lookbook ever. There is always a surge of mysterious yet fun persona in their lookbook. I've followed them since day 01. This time it's more on easy silhouettes and minimal constructions, focusing on the quality and luxe of the fabric chosen for each garment e.g baby
goat leather . Never underestimate a minimal and discreet design. I am so proud of them. It's incredibly hi end and luxurious . Join the gang...

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  1. Very interesting yet edgy collection. Love the vibe it has

    great blog by the way