one - half ハーフ



leather tank top


2 (2)best


3 (3)




4 (2)best

padded leather tank - AD MOON
pants - Cheap Monday
half blazer - Don Protasio SS12
shoes - Cerebrus wedge Gold Dot x Don Protasio
gold dot Ria Cuff

How odd. It was my first time to wear a blazer since 2009 and it's not even the usual blazer that we see everywhere. I envy those people who know how to transform a look by just wearing a blazer but I lost that "blazer" magic in me when I was acquainted to drapey and undulating cover ups which has an endless possibility of styling it. Blazers for me became too easy and stale in a sense that it is what it is. A boxy tailored garment worn over a shirt. But Don Protasio's blazer was an exception. It rises above the blazers that I've worshiped and met in my life. It's so "in-your-face" interesting . Last November I was just lusting to wear this half blazer and the shoes he presented in his SS2012 and now I'm actually wearing it. Now i know the feeling of wearing pieces that were packaged in a collection. Seamless ... filled with story

The Cerebrus wedge is still available.. order here !