ASOS ... not.

My penchant for anything metal lives on. I am a metal rabbit, i believe so and I somehow rely my indecisive judgment to zodiac and Chinese symbols. That being said I am a fan of metals. I love that it is clinical , neat and industrial all at the same time. I may have failed in getting myself that Acne metal embellished pants back in 2007 because it's immensely hi priced and limited, but I am quite happy that there's been a surge of cool metal accessories sprouting in the local market.


No this ain't ASOS. I don't have any Paypal account but this cuff is close. Only it is shorter whereas the ubiquitous ASOS cuff is like 5 inch taller. The catch is I got it for a price of less than 7 dollars. It's more fun in the Philippines, haha.


Yes it's malleable and i think If i do that firm bending for long, I might break it one day.I bought 2. It was so random. I was doing the weekly store visit of Gold Dot at Crossings in Trinoma then in my peripheral vision appeared this neat cuffs inside their jewelry box which , i think , seems to be intimidating for consumers. I was expecting it to be more than 10 dollars. I had to go back the next day because I ran out of cash from buying fabrics at a nearby store.


There I said it. It's available in Crossings. I was planning to keep it as a secret but who am i kidding? Kids these days are unimaginable. They get stuff from almost everywhere.. Cheers for more cheap but neat accessories!


  1. I love meta cuffs too! one of the great accessories made and worn everrr! :D


  2. Amazing blog! Lovely posts!
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  3. I love matching bracelets/cuffs. Such a good way to pull a look together with accessories.