Grey Dax ウェッジ






grey acrylic plastic



I'm so happy that blogs and sites (mostly US) are raving about Gold Dot Dax Wedges. Actually, when I saw the actual samples last 2 months, I told Ally how these Dax wedges are at par with giant labels Raphael Young and United Nude. The strength of the shoes lies within the acrylic detail. I love how a peculiar element is infused in a shoe. Crazy shoes are everywhere , but only a few possess a good construction and taste.

It's so hard to be to conceptual with shoes here in Manila. It's easy to impress girls with panache details and heel height , but the question is : are they gonna buy it? Will they choose the conceptual shoe over a normy pair which she can use day to night? To the church or to a friend's dinner?

My ultimate wish is that Manila market can be as brave and experimental , that's all.. But you can't blame them too, oh well..

Yes I bought these Grey Dax Wedges. I have the black one already but i can't seem to get enough of this. This pair is epic. Might do another version of this for the future collection. haha.

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