to thirteen and beyond

Hope we can predict what's in store for 2013 . In fashion, we can predict the color, trend print but seriously , we can only wish so much in life. Everything lies in our choices after all , so no matter what the zodiac says about your fortune or lucky color, take in everything and just enjoy the leap. That's what I did. No more deaths, calamity and ... hmm zombie apocalypse pls?

Bought cakes and food for tonight's  eat fest! It's always lovely to eat with the family during new year's eve. The smell of firecrackers must have an effect. Enjoy the night wherever you are , whoever you're with. Tomorrow is a new day.



 Margiela sweater / Comme des Garcon pants / y-3 bag / platform shoes from Japan

Jack in skirt

Is it allowed to have a crush on a model ? I like him so much... and he's wearing a skirt too...  i want his face....God is so unfair .... haha

I used to memorize girl models. There's something euphoric in being able to remember model names (like naming rare animals you see on TV ) , most especially when you see them strutting in the runway. I normally wouldn't care about the boys but now I have a fave!

btw, his name is  Jack Bradshaw

source: homotography.com


hi-in calcium

I'm beginning to limit myself from wearing caps. I've seen how it triggers baldness to my "not so old not so young" guy friends. I wanna delve on it scientifically however it would be futile since I am wearing one and I just can't ignore this magnificent cap from OS! It makes life interesting and different and badass even if I lacked sleep that day. It makes you feel super inside.

os accessories walrus cap / h&m oversized blazer / 5preview shirt / bcbg pants / zara chelsea boots


Pre-styling the clothes (INSTAGRAM-ing everything ) for the SOLESTRUCK X MANILA lookbook at Paul Jatayna's place w/ Supermodel Bruce . Special thanks to Jujiin and Paulo Castro for lending us the Leeroy New masks. One of the best sleepovers although I don't feel comfy whenever I sleepover that's why Paul suggested me to bring some toiletries and clothes so just in case.  We watched Perfect Pitch (HILAR) and Man w/ Iron Fists...


Hello Buck




solestruck in Manila

 This is the day that the lord has made! After Maya Kibbel,  another foreign guest came all the way from Portland to visit us for another interesting project. If you follow me on twitter , you most probably know that this month is all about collaborations x photoshoot for Gold Dot. I first worked for the brand late  last year, and now in my 1st year, I cannot be happier that I'm part of the brand's local to global transition.It wouldn't be possible without Ty Mcbride of Solestruck.  Ty is some sort of my shoe fairy.. he always sends me free stuff (awww*)

It's awesome to know that someone like Ty McBride (who used to work for Jeffrey Campbell) will come all his way to Manila just for a lookbook shoot. We've been chatting for months to plan this whole thing and it's super fun that it materialized .  He came here on the 24th of December (so sad right but work is work). The day before the shoot we went to Greenbelt for lunch then we headed to Chinatown and Intramuros for a quickie tour. He bought a Rayban knock offs and ate Sisig at a Filipino restaurant. During the meeting Ally and I brought samples of our latest shoes so he could see them personally. We were very happy that he loves every bit of them. He said that Gold Dot is the only Philippine-label that is at par with the int'l ones. whew! My lack of sleep really challenged me to create meaningful sentences in English but good thing Ty wasn't too much biggie about it. He's so cute and funny! He shared a lot of interesting stories about his co-workers in Solestruck, shoes, bloggers, etc.. and how most of the shoe labels in the US are owned by straight guys.. mm hmm girl!

read Ty's blog about Manille here

 Ally werqing the Balsey wedges..

 china town

 Victoria lingeries??


 Ty buying shades. good thing Ally was smart enough to haggle.. P3000 for a rip off ray ban, woman you're nasty!

 My rick owens ... no photos of me boo *haha

 Ty 's ktz bag
 ally duazo

 see-sigue anyone?