red-juvenate christmas

ParadigmShift shredded tee / ProudRace sheer coat / Vivienne Westwood pants / feet for a queen wedges / os ring










It's Christmas time again and I begin to wonder like I always do before how it is to celebrate or feel the yuletide spirit in another place.. or time or space perhaps? (my dream to travel hasn't transpired yet) How I've always wished to witness how the first snow falls or how those fat snowmans are built. It sucks that I have never experienced snow in Christmas as a child. I envied my cousins in Japan who would send photos of them swimming in the sea of snow. Now this reminded me how me and my brothers pretended to snow by scraping styropor balls in the whole apartment when the parents are out. Mom would always get mad. haha .

I would always be filled with joy when dad unearths the Christmas tree and the dusty lights. Yes we spend more on Christmas but it's a way of projecting love ...in shiny colored wrappers that is.

But I'm here in the Philippines. There's this constant unwavering traffic from 7pm to 10pm.
No snow just rain. Karaoke songs reverberating in the neighborhood . But I won't deny that these are what I look forward to this season. These are the tiny fun pieces that comprise the whole Filipino Christmas spirit thingy o whatever you may call it. I can't wait for aunt's Spaghetti and is it just me or Coke regular tastes so good on Christmas day?