Red Bull

Cropped moto jacket Don Protasio holiday 2010 / black drape shirt - Oxygen / zip skirt - anagon / pants- Bless /behemoth shoes - Gold Dot x Don Protasio



Cabriole Leg ..

lovely printed chair by Aivan Magno. haha. i don't know the specific classification of that chair

Karl 03 REV

photos by Kookie Buhain

This photo was taken post-Bloggers United 2 bazaar. The aftermath aura. the 5 o'clock make up look . Obviously , I look tired but my friend Kookie Buhain cajoled me to pose. The 2nd bloggers united bazaar was more tiring than the last. Nevertheless, I had so much fun. It was heartbreaking though to see your own pre-loved clothes snagged away by people at a very reasonable cost but my old clothes must go. There's no turning back. No rational thinking needed since every morning I feel disgusted seeing the same old closet bursting with black clothes I couldn't even longer recognize as clothes. whew. There. Next year is full of new resolutions including my clothing options. It feels so good and liberating to edit your closet. It's like surviving a severe case of constipation.