Automaton by Gold Dot

Gold dot lookbook dec 2011

Gold dot editorial dec 20116

Gold dot editorial dec 20115

Gold dot editorial dec 20114

Gold dot editorial dec 20113

Gold dot editorial dec 20112

Gold dot lookbook dec 20112

Gold dot lookbook dec 20113

Gold dot lookbook dec 20114

Gold dot lookbook dec 20115

Gold dot lookbook dec 20116

Gold dot lookbook dec 20117

Gold dot lookbook dec 20118

The lookbook of the much awaited Gold Dot 2011 holiday collection has landed.. Gold Dot takes you to a new age as it brings you the Automaton collection . Inspired by Transformers and machines , 3 designs were created to build a story of future. Gold Dot has been a tool in providing shoes with an easy edge and panache and true to form , these originally designed pairs are just what we need. Modern colors of grey , blue, white and black are mixed with stunning details like the detachable gunmetal leather foil and acrylic glass in grey and blue sandwiched inside the wedge . Pretty Interesting , no?

Of course , top Model Ria Bolivar graced the lookbook and was produced none other than our super talented team haha

I'll be getting 2 colors of the Dax booties since the acrylic details and colors had me. how about you?

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