Don Protasio's nomads

DON PROTASIO SS2012 fitting

necklace by Bosquejo .. shredded overlays



I am intrigued with the shoulder details



This blazer I'll buy!

i like this model









the most beautiful skirt in this collection






crush !! haha. Don said he is an actor in Cambodia





this is the complete look! from the top down to the shoes





photos by SOAP KE

Hardware necklace by Miguel Paolo Celestial
Shoes by Gold Dot x Karl Leuterio

IT is very seldom that I find a collection relatable from the first look down to the last.
I COULD WEAR THESE 32 LOOKS EVERYDAY. walang echos. This is all i need! from the top down to the shoes!! Splendid story . BEAUTIFUL collection!!!

thank God the shoes were okay with the male models.