daddy long ( wide ) legs


top Oxygen / pants - drex fable / heel less shoes - Melville Sy

I know someone will really ask me what's up with the wide legged , non-skinny trouser that I sported during the 1st day of fashion week. I wanna dress unusual . I was hungry to wear menswear for that day but of course the shoes I need to spare. Thysz, my friend , even gave me a weird look regarding ze pants since he wanted me to pair the heel less with leggings or something skinny. Upon entering the function room, I saw one guy wearing heel less shoes and leggings. Then 3 more fierce skinny guys in leather leggings and platforms came out of sight. I remembered the first time I went to PFW and how it reminded me how i enjoyed the thought of being skinny and all. I mean I just wanna be different from the usual pa-fierce look na, oh I'm getting old. Plus the fabric of the pants are so soft. I absolutely forgot the last time I wore a very comfy trousers and by comfy I mean something that doesn't strangulate the groin and thighs.

Photo by Ronan Capili

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