my st vincent

Apart from Kpop and Regine Velasquez songs (my no-fail guilty pleasures in life),I listen to St. Vincent aka Annie Clark. I always rape the repeat button whenever i listen to her songs (Marry Me, Landmines , The party). There was a time when I get inspired by her songs whenever I dress up hence , the all black goth look I had before. It may not be fantastic for the layman and the ordinary but she is overwhelmingly amazing. Her voice is a mix of doom and longing which go well with her big expressive alien-like eyes. Not the usual pretty depictions that you can give to a female artist but I know she will take these as a compliment. Her new album Strange Mercy is just genius!! I never blog about songs but the video + music is viral. that I have to share it with readers.. like flu virus. Not only my eyes are listening when I play the song , but my whole body does! ang chica lang nya Given a chance that I would be a recording artist, I'll be the like her. I wont scream or belt, i'll let my voice brush softly to my listeners...


  1. Was looking through your blog and I love it so much! <3

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  2. ujiee: thanks so much.. hugs. will visit it of course