how do you walk in those?



i think its 8 inches.. yes i can walk in these shoes.

look at the leather... its like sting ray leather ,no?


I've come to realize how I own a small amount of sensible shoes. I remember giving away those men's boots and sneakers to friends last year.. Good thing I still have my trusty Doc Marten's and creepers.

Just this morning , while the storm Pedring is spreading terror to the neighborhood, a package arrived. I was in a a sort of melancholic mood, with the black out and the relentlessly cozy bed weather but upon seeing this heavy monster , my mood brightened up.. I know you'll agree.

Ive been neglecting my high platforms but i think this shoes is my gateway back to that phase. haha

Actually when I was still communicating with Melville Sy, the designer, I was clueless of what fabric, color, style. Then it hit me that it should be in grey! Noritaka doesnt have a grey one pa right? hehe. I already have my beige heeless from Kermit Tesoro and a black one from Brian Evalle and so to complete the neutral army, here's a grey one from Melville Sy. I think it's gonna be my favorite , too! The leather is so soft and the platform is hidden. class!

contact Melville if youre interested ..


  1. amazeballs!!!! everytime i see helless shoes i instantly think of you! <3

  2. can't help but click that follow button. Made me back read, and back read and back read. =)

    You're so awesome karl! ;)

  3. How much? I'm interested? I mean that one.