To Anyone!

blue jacket - Miu Miu / top - Gold Dot / pants - Unisex by JP Singson / shoes - Gold Dot / chain necklace topman / spike necklace - SM dept store


I didn't see it coming but KPOP changed the way i appreicate music ... I wish i could dance like the 2ne1 girls but i can only emote and dress up ...
here's my fave performance of the group... I like 2ne1 because they are the most stylish among the others.. think: Margiela, Jeremy Scott, Acne , Gareth Pugh...

and! our model from our recent collection , Maverick Lacson , surprised us with his group- SWAG 's 2ne1 dance cover. Ive attempted to memorize the steps but I ended up looking like a 4 year old dancing clumsily in front of tv. motor and brain coordination problem..haha

good mooorneng!


  1. Your an Icon KARL!!! you never fail to amaze me everytime you post!!!Kalowka ka 'teh!!!

  2. no one makes me feel this inspired
    you're stunning
    and clothes are just the expression of your best self!
    love u / missed you too!