To Anyone!

blue jacket - Miu Miu / top - Gold Dot / pants - Unisex by JP Singson / shoes - Gold Dot / chain necklace topman / spike necklace - SM dept store


I didn't see it coming but KPOP changed the way i appreicate music ... I wish i could dance like the 2ne1 girls but i can only emote and dress up ...
here's my fave performance of the group... I like 2ne1 because they are the most stylish among the others.. think: Margiela, Jeremy Scott, Acne , Gareth Pugh...

and! our model from our recent collection , Maverick Lacson , surprised us with his group- SWAG 's 2ne1 dance cover. Ive attempted to memorize the steps but I ended up looking like a 4 year old dancing clumsily in front of tv. motor and brain coordination problem..haha

good mooorneng!