red hair-ani



oxygen vest / endovanera shirt / brian evalle wedge



no concealer under my eyes..


Another fail hair color. Hair dye D-I-Y's give me minor headaches because most of them dont live up to my expectations but it usually grows on me after ..say 3 days. Coloring my hair red would be the last thing I'd do but voila!.. Well , it's my bad for not having a hint that caramel ash would look mahogany red on me..haha. But upon studying my head in the mirror for 10minutes , I see Bom of 2ne1.... agree? haha good thing i like kpop.

And the vest is from Oxygen. I found it amongst the rack of sale items. Its in size 0 but i think the fit is nice. I could say that I've missed wearing tight pieces. Its been a while anyway.

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