buckle up

shoes from Kayalusi , an Indonesian shoe brand




say hi to my new shoes.. A reader from Indonesia gave these as a bday present. He/She doesnt want to divulge his identity though. haha . Thanks, my friend! . I couldnt be more happy and grateful. Its "New" coz its flat, its a peep toe and i think its more for guys. i fancy how it wraps my ankles snugly. When worn, its a lot different. There is an evident deconstruction in the details but as long as its durable enough for long walks and mud, im happy with it. I have yet to test its prowess and I do hope that it would survive the nasty streets of Manila. I would be delusional if I'd claim that it resembles Ann Demeulemeester' buckled sandals but it really does. The thick soles make it a notch higher from the rampant gladiator sandals we see everywhere.