neutral blocking


3 hole tank top - Mike Lavarez / beige shirt - Comax / Drape crotch pants - Mental / heel less - Kermit Tesoro


i really dont feel color blocking.. I think , its more challenging to pair neutrals. in my most honest opinion ah. haaha

grey + beige + grey + beige


my hair color is color blocked as well! haha.
its so uneven. lol.. home treatment fail


i love the rips and moth bites effect









I wore this very multi- wear tank top by MIKE Lavares. This is from his upcoming holiday 2011 collection and he was sweet enough to give me this piece a week ago . I apologize for being so excited in wearing it today since the weather calls for a homeless chic reference. Whenever it rains, i always grab them loose , voluminous, drapey garments by default. There must be a philosophical explanation for this.

And since I just went out for a very quick meeting somewhere , I wore my Kermit Tesoro heels for fun. I was silly enough to realize that the shoes arent made of leather hence , the horrible wet marks. Kermit would kill me. He advised me before not to use it in certain circumstances and now i know one circumstance already. I just had to wear them today to practice for tomorrow since I might wear these monsters for the Oxygen fashion show.

Today I attended a quick important meeting. My plates are full right now , like i can't even devote a time for a movie or karaokes and those kinds of stuff. I'm on my 7 day vacation leave but vacation is a technical word in my case because I might be out in the hospital, but I am busy doing commitments with our clothing line, FaDAL Manila , blogging, and in addition to these , I will be contributing to Zink Magazine in their blogged section. It is such an honor. Erin, the Executive Director was the one who included me in their I AM feature for Bullett Magazine a year ago. He sent me an email yesterday asking me if i received their magazine but haplessly , no magazine has landed in my doorstep. Anyway, Im just OVERLY excited because this is something new to me. I was also surprised that he and the team are very much interested with what's going on with the Filipino culture , arts and fashion. It's actually a right timing because it's Philippine Fashion Week and the fashion energy is just vibrant in every individual right now. So be vigilant as i may snap photos of people, scenes , etc . He gave me freedom on how to do my entries but Im still clueless but definitely it's not the Sartorialist type. Something very different and that i still don't know. Bahala na! haaha .


  1. galing Karl, your really make homeless, Fasyon. and congrars about the Zink Mag.

  2. I love all the neutral colours in this outfit, Karl. Perfect layering as always. Its been a while since I visited your blog, hehe. I need to do some catching up now, hehe! :)

    Have a great week!

  3. wow galling talaga!! :PPP

    thx darl for the comment.
    yes im on twitter @jasonitos