blue ranger

(c)bjorn bedayo

blue coat - UNI / Shredded tank - Paradigm Shift / Bolt Pants - Paradigm Shift / shoes - F stop / harness chain - Anagon / chain necklace - Topman / Spike necklace - Crossings




We watched the Menswear show yesterday 'spite Justin Bieber's concert nearby. We went early to avoid the terrible traffic that was expected. As per usual, the queues to the shows are unbelievably long and having a seat is just a blessing. I'd like to thank Bonnapart Galeng of Monday Magazine and Eric Poliquit of Fashbook for moving mountains and pulling some strings to get us a seat. Whew! haggard ang mga bouncers at some ushers ah. Nairita ako ng very very light! Theyre very strict with the seat arrangement and then during the show , you'll see a lot of vacant seats like what the f*ck! We are there to support our designer friends , young designers, etc so please treat us naman nicely at least, no!! Although there are some ushers who were nice and readers of my blog so thank you. Id also want to say thank you for the people who took time to say hi to me during the show..It means so much to me. Thank you. good vibes, everyone! haha

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