shirt , shred and shift....

oh yes! i found our labels na!! i wouldnt have seen these again had it not been for my 3 year old nephew who dug my old weekender  bag.. i could be so forgetful..

This one's for Miadore designer and brainchild - Yekky Balingit

the grey ones and whites are for a UK- based blogger who'll visit Manila this May.. I have yet to buy a black one since im looking for that perfect shirt.

the white tees are for a young designer..

shredded on colored tees are thrice as adorable. its ironic, but i havent made one for myself.

Working hard for the money... And by hard , it involves a lot of repetitive thread- pulling and stretching from morning til dawn. Its addicting , i tell you. Me and my Parashift partner Mike have been doing this for a week already since orders are really up and about. hehe. and we're still not finished. In times like this, we recognize the vitality of having our fingers and hands in good shape.. We cannot thank our supporters and clients enough. Seems like the capsule collection would have a long long extension. haha

if you have any questions to order or whatsoever, feel free to contact us on facebook or leave a message on our site .