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Lookie lookie , someone's too excited to wear his printed pants. Ever since Givenchy presented how beautiful and striking the black and white tribal prints are, I've told myself that one day i'll have my own version. and im just too late for this , no?

This is me 3 days prior. I feel terrible right now. This must be the effect of neglecting the importance of face mask when on duty in the hospital.  I hate wearing mask. it hides my smile which i think the patients need most. It visually creates barriers or thats exactly the point? I summoned myself today to get up and do some chores. Like uploading some old photos for ze blog. Not updating it would make me feel sicker . I just feel limp and sleepy and useless. I even missed Jujiin and Paulo's lunch party today at their condo. Im on the 3rd day of antibiotics and i hope this last dose would keep the illness away asap but i know it won't  take effect that soon. Ironic, but i was able to go to work last night. A sick man caring for the sick.. haha.. I would have called in sick but i realized that night shifts aren't too stressful only to find out I've garnered more pathogens and stuff during my 8 hour stay. Oh well, there are plenty of reasons to be happy today. I must not die . I must live.