beige bang theory



 top - drex fable / shredded scarf - paradigm shift / pants - Vero Moda / shoes - kermit tesoro





sometimes i just want to sleep whole day but yes its tantamount to non-productivity and stagnation. Its quite tempting but there's a different vibe whenever you go out and meet your friends , share a cab,  eat outside , fool around and play dress up.

This is what i wore at the Forever21 Makati VIP opening.

The top is from my fave hongkong brand Drex Fable which was given to me by Mike. It has this ultra  long sleeves that mimic them asylum jackets. I also tried my beige pants which made the look more compact from head to toe. Also , the perfect timing to incorporate the shredded scarf from our new collection. Its so hyper coz you can style it in many many many ways.

i was supposed to scare pretty lil girls in hi waist floral  skirts but i was a bit tired that night so there. kidding there...will sleep now.. coz tomorrow , ill be more productive!

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