2 hours prior






model Jairus



Lizanne Cua and Chris Diaz





Jaz Cerezo


Tin and Shix

Ornussa , my love!





Clint Catalan's creation


Levenson Rodriguez



Paul Jatayna





Gerswin Qua

cherry veric




mike magallanes .. sitting and waiting..

blogger friends Tin Iglesias and Shiekah Tamano




gold dot shoes

photos by : eunice alera

Rehearsal + Fitting

To have your creations worn by models is one of the magical moments one can experience. I remember me and Mike being skeptical with our work but upon seeing them on the models' statuesque figures, right then and there , everything felt so right. Same with our co-FaDAL members. I was gushing over Cheetah Rivera's gown , Clint Catalan's worm bags and everyone's rad designs which came into life.