shark's fin






Okay ... Im officially in love with Willar Mateo (Salad day)! ... not romantically , of course. He is a good friend and a very very promising young designer. Yesterday , if my poise and gracefulness dint get in the way , i would have screamed and cried and  jumped all at the same time upon seeing the dress he made for me! we met in the mall..

The dress was placed in a big white box with those cute tiny  stickers on the edges. We all hear people saying "kawaii" and "cute" almost everytime but they will not know what real cuteness means until they meet Willar! He is just full of colors , unadulterated youth and pure whim plus 2% darkness. He is a true artist, indeed!

check his blog... and you'll definitely  reconnect with your colorful childhood.

and i will wear this tonight for the FaDAL event. .. oh well. got to pack things first!

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