Hussein Chalayan lab coat
bespoke cotton drop crotch pants
kermit tesoro shoes






photos : Bjorn Bedayo

It may not be too evident (or it was) but i was purely haggard that day. I filed a leave a week ago specifically to attend the FaDAL shoot by none other than THE Rxandy Capinpin and of course our contract signing. For some hapless reason, I had to be late because i rushed my 2 year old nephew to the hospital . He was having an asthma attack and his lips were growing paler. He is just a baby  and he cant even spit his copious phlegm out. I panicked and asked my dad to drive us to the hospital. To cut the story short, i was late for 3 hours for our FaDAL shoot and contract signing. hence my no accessories and disheveled hair..On my way from Valenzuela to Makati, I was cursing myself...Hating myself that of all the places here in the metro, why must i live in that remote town. Anyhow, I came at 4:45pm. I felt relieved upon discovering that 2 of the designers were also late so yeah. It made the guilt less severe. The shoot was faster than Ive expected .. faster than my travel time but i had fun meeting my new friends.. my new family once more. Im so excited for our upcoming projects.. Levenson Rodriguez, our creatur-in-chief ,  is really inspiring.


  1. omg your shoes are fabulous! i lovet!! :)

  2. OMG KARLLLL, your shoes. I can't even explain how gorgeous it is!!! Only you can pull it off!

  3. Oh too bad about your nephew hope he is feeling better now...Don´t worry even without accesories and all you still look fierce!

    The Black Label

  4. Super bongga as always! I love the shoes! I hope your nephew is feeling better.