video by Thijs Adriaans - first year fashion design student - Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

To manipulate the natural beauty of a woman, she forces herself to walk in the highest heels to gain longer legs, locked lower back and a rounder tush. High heels are therefore friend and foe to womenkind, certainly because they are disgracefull to a balanced walk. I began to see that as a challenge in wich I'd like to invite women to walk on even higher heels.

In this film "Footwork", a male model shows how to walk in the highest heels with the lowest possible balancepoint. After several adjustments, he's able to move with the shoes on. This film also entales the unbeauty of women who shouldn't walk in heels and what happens if you don't have any balance.

I am so proud of my friend from Netherlands -Thijs Adriaans..I was clueless that he was into shoes until this morning.  I was so happy when i read his email  . He said that I was the inspiration hence, the man on the video...Thank you , my friend! Another inspiration for me to continue my love for heels and height!