between a rock and a hard lace











vintage lace coat
diy ripped pants
5cm tank top
Bertha shoes from GoldDot

Thank you , Gold Dot for sending me another pair from your  newest summer collection . I've heard the theyre running out of stocks but Ally Duazo, the owner, was so kind to give me a pair 'spite of the many buyers who are willing to own one. Its quite a breather from all the high wedges Ive been wearing recently. Its light and comfy. YES its a bit girly case in point the lace. It may not be evident but i love lace. so I dug my closet and searched for my old lace coat which i think is perfectly compatible  with the shoes!
 check out their store to find out more... click!!

These past few weeks , my morale was a bit low because all of my savings and salary went to ParadigmShift, our clothing line. We were buying fabrics , materials , etc. and ive realized , almost nothing was left for my monthly budget. I was a bit sad, but i must bear in mind that this is for  FaDAL and for our clothing line so yeah. hehe. This for the best and I am still grateful that we are getting a lot of orders from Australia and Singapore. Too bad our stocks are getting fewer hehe.