the world needs more lashes

Brian Evalle exchanged his custom made heel less shoes. it was weird walking in those shoes but i was drunk so my judgment isnt reliable haha









(c) Rcxy / Kristine Lacroix / Janet Balbarona
/ Paul Jatayna / Jonver David

Still lingering with last night's clean debauchery... Just like the others, i underwent a total amnesia. i must blame my extra thick falsies.. I remembered laughing and jumping while screaming the lyrics of Never Give Up by the spice girls with Jujiin on my side. i almost fell off a wet floor thrice with my 6 inches wedge. Memories of my frequent trips to the restroom to retouch my make up and pee were vivid ... but thank god i was safe. Including my 1 week old blackberry and my trusty camera ..During these times, i thank the lord that i was born a man. biologically at least... or else, some puny drunk guy would have forcefully stolen my virginity in a snap that night. Anyway, it was a clean fun, I swear . Though i had to ask the cab driver to drop me off to the hospital where i work at since i needed a decent bathroom to vomit. i needed to wash my filthy mouth. i dint like to vomit at cubao x and on the streets.
Well, it was nice meeting them new gay friends.. we will all rule the world someday!